Mystery Call

A first impression is often created by phone and is of vital importance to the follow-up with the client and/or patient. It is important to periodically review the quality and service level of this first contact. Through Mystery Review you are ensured of a transparent and independent method. This ensures that everyone in the organisation is constantly working to optimize the telephone contact.

Or, you do not yet know how your customer should be spoken to on the phone. Your organisation is looking for a method to visualize how your potential customers prefer to be addressed. Mystery Calls are practical to show what a customer really wants in order to react enthusiastically about your organisation.
We mirror the customer friendliness by phone with questions such as:

  • How do I experience the contact
  • Do I have to stay on the line long or am I informed quickly and adequately?
  • Does the telephone operator use all opportunities available to her/him?
  • How is your proposal being accepted by the other side?

Our Mystery Callers have been screened and trained to listen objectively and provide a stimulating feedback.