Mystery Guest

Our Mystery Guest mirrors the experience of your organisation, starting with a telephone reservation up to the personal goodbye. You can use the benchmark results and be able to pinpoint clear trends. Both positive experiences as well as necessary improvements become clear immediately. This becomes a source of ideas and an ideal tool to boost your team.

  • Am I really welcome as a guest?
  • How is the hospitality attitude of the individual team members seen and experienced by others?
  • Do the experiences in your organisation meet with the accumulated expectations, which in turn have been created by your advertising copy and word of mouth advertising?
  • How do the décor, decoration and care of your organisation influence the guest experience?
  • Are your employees seen as pro-active?
  • Does the overall ambience result in increased spending?
  • Would I like to return as a guest?

These are but a few indicators, which determine the success of your company. Together with you we will develop a unique research program, which will reflect your vision on a guest experience. We recommend which target audience you should focus on. Our Mystery Guests are recruited from these target audiences in order to ensure an objective observation of the facts and give valuable feedback. If so desired, we discuss the Mystery Guest reports with you and will recommend steps to be taken next.