Mystery Patient

Mystery Review provides qualitative studies for dozens of Healthcare Centres using real patients. These Mystery Patients provide the Healthcare Centre with an on-line report detailing their actual experience after an appointment at the institution. This ensures that there is no additional pressure on the system, with the added advantage that individual treatments can also be mirrored.

Most important is that patients in the role of Mystery Patients, feel absolutely safe and free to share all their experiences, we secure the specialist – patient ‘depending’ relation. They are instructed in advance by our organisation, so they know exactly which specific details they should focus on. This development tool provides you with a continuous view of the real life guest experience at every possible moment with your Centre.

Currently we are doing studies initiated by, for instance, team leaders of specific wards and departments, marketing executives, HR personnel and Board members. We are accustomed to working with organisations that use quantitative research in the field of health care. For example, if the patient satisfaction survey shows exceptional results, we can give you an insight as to the why’s and how’s through our Mystery Patient Reviews.