Mystery Shopper

Our Mystery Shopper mirrors the experience and or secures your organisation’s formula: from the contact by telephone up to the personal goodbye. You can benchmark the results and spot clear trends. Both positive experiences as well as improvements become clear immediately. This is an excellent source of ideas and an ideal tool to boost your team.

In a transparent and independent way we identify, using Mystery Shoppers from your target audience, the positive experiences and possible improvements for your company.

  • Is your personnel customer-friendly, stress resistant and pro-active?
  • Are your customers being converted to ambassadors of your company in a spontaneous manner?

Mystery Review records the experience of your customer-oriented actions, tests the key goals established by you and contributes to the efficiency monitoring and awareness of your personnel. In conjunction with training this is an ideal tool to motivate your team.

Control and secure:
We monitor the formula or concept used by your company by means of professional Mystery Shoppers.

  • Is the routing within your shop logical and does it stimulate purchases by customer?
  • Are promotions or special sale items clearly visible?
  • Is there, following the guidelines, a “special sale item” at the cash register?

All Mystery Shoppers have been screened and trained by us in order to observe everything in an objective manner and to provide a stimulating feedback.